Who Is…..

Do you ever see a movie or tv show about a famous event and wonder just how much of it is true? I am guilty of watching ghost shows with a laptop and immediately starting research on the “case of the week”. Rarely is the information given the real facts. It is usually a conglomeration of events in the area with some made up stuff thrown in for sensationalism.

Hopefully the articles I post here will get you interested in learning more about the real history of specific ghosts.

8/11/2016 Is Waverly Hills Sanatorium Haunted or Haunting?

12/15/2015 The Exorcist House & Boy

4/17/2015 Why Pearl Bryan is not at Bobby Mackey’s

3/31/2015 The Real Story of Cold Mountain – William Pinkney Inman

3/5/2015 The Real Lavinia Fisher