Welcome to the world of Paranormal Genealogy. It is my hope you enjoy your time here and just maybe learn a little something. History in all forms is important, and far too often historical locations, TV, and movies sensationalize or out and out lie about historical people and facts for various reasons. If you learn anything from me, I hope that it is to learn to do your own research to find the truth you are seeking.

I am please to be able to announce that my newest book, Paranormal Fakelore, Nevermore: Real Histories of Haunted Locations is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions.

book cover


cover 5My  book, How NOT to be a Ghost Hunter, is now available in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon and on iTunes.







****Just announced!! I will be speaking again at the 2017 10th anniversary of The ScareFest in Lexington, KY Sept 29 – Oct 1!!!



Historians say they don’t know the really know much about the origins of the ouija board. The Chinese can certainly tell you the origin of spirit writing.  (full article)

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a kind of mecca for investigators but a lot of bad information has been put out in the last 15 years. Do you know the real story?

Were you pulled in to watching Exorcism Live on Halloween? You may think you know the real facts about The Exorcist House & Boy but many of you do not.

Have you read all the hype about how Pearl Bryan is haunting Bobby Mackey’s Music World? If I told you that couldn’t possibly be true would you believe me? Get to know the Real Facts about Pearl Bryan’s Murder and decide for yourself.

Have you seen the movie or read the book Cold Mountain? Would you like to learn about the Real Inman? I can guarantee it’s nothing like the book!

Lavinia Fisher is a very famous name in the ghost hunting world, do YOU know the Real Story?

I welcome all questions, so if you would like to contact me, you can Email me



  1. This is a really great idea for a website. I love folk stories (especially ghost stories) and history, and I’m looking forward to more!

  2. Good Morning Shannon!
    I just stumbled onto a Podcast that you did in 2015 with Americas Most Haunted. I was so excited to hear the work that you do, combining genealogy and paranormal investigating. I do the same thing!! It great to know that other people care about what “really” happened and who these people “really” are. I find that we get much better results when we go in with valid information. Spirit is going to react much better when you go in with vested information and just going in for the “scare” factor, which so many people do. Thanks again!! I look forward to reading all I can about your work.

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